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Here, with the help of our farm animals and mentors, participants develop relationship skills that positively impact nearly all aspects of their lives. Latest news Fast effective relief is now available without the need for costly treatments. A fully comprehensive consultation which involves analysis of medical history and test results, physical assessment, dietary assessment and treatment program. Submitted information will be forwarded to MyAdvocates. You must be logged in to post animals as natural therapy comment.
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WE OFFER a variety of Programs for preschool, elementary, middle and high school students; teens in substance abuse recovery; seniors at elder care facilities; veterans, and families living in transitional housing. At ANT, we seek to strengthen our community by developing healthy, resilient individuals through animal-assisted education and personal growth. Civil Smart On-topic Free of profanity We ask that all participants own their words by logging in with their Facebook account.

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Animals As Natural Therapy (ANT) | The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County

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We also offer Interactive Horse Wisdom workshops for the adults seeking personal insight or healing. To help fund a life-changing experience for a youth, click the Donate Now image here or visit our Get Involved page, where you'll also find information on donating your time or energy. So keep your comments:

Animals As Natural Therapy (ANT)

ANT offers experiential, animal-assisted programs for at-risk youth & veterans. Why get involved with ANT? dsc_ First, it will change your own life. Drop Us a Line! Contact us regarding programs, volunteering, farm tours, and .
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Bety - Age: 28
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Submitted information will be forwarded to MyAdvocates. For many years, at our animal naturopathic clinic, we have been providing effective care for all kinds of skin conditions, from the mildest to the most severe irritations you could possibly imagine.

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We're here to help. Patient of the week. Please see our FAQ if you have questions or concerns about using Facebook to comment. Animals as Natural Therapy, a Whatcom County nonprofit that offers therapy programs with the help of horses and other animals, will host a gala and auction at 5 p. To see a video about ANT and hear directly from some of the people whose lives we've impacted, please visit the ANT video page.
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Bellingham, WA – Animals as Natural Therapy (ANT) invites you and your friends to get dressed up for a magical evening at Hotel Bellwether for the 7 annual. Drop Us a Line! Contact us regarding programs, volunteering, farm tours, and more. Farm Visits must be arranged in advance with approval from director. Animals as Natural Therapy (ANT) offers healing equine therapy programs for at- risk youth & veterans in Whatcom County, Bellingham Washington.
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