What warrior cat are you

You have been warned. I'd have to break up with the cat, for the good of my clan. Have a look around and see what we're about. Leap at the nearest enemy! Claw its face off! No matter how much it hurts, our leader always comes first.
Butters - Age: 27
Price - 132$

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What Kind Of Warrior Cat Are You?

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Your main goal is power, and you are willing to kill to get it. You are loyal, brave and determined to serve your clan as best as you possibly can. I'd never let that happen in the first place!

Warrior Cats - what cat are you

Find out which Warrior cat you are! This quiz will tell you your looks, personality, and who your mate and kits are (if you have any). Have you ever wondered what warrior cat you would be if you could be Well, if so, this 8 question quiz will tell you just that, ranging from 8. 8 Comments. Have you ever wanted to be a warrior. Ever wondered, "who would I be?" Try this test to see who you are. You never know, oh and please join Fire.
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Cheyenne - Age: 21
Price - 138$

To serve my clan. Warrior Cats - what cat are you Have you ever wanted to be a warrior. I like chezz

Special Feature

Which Warrior Cat Are You? I can't love them! Save the interloper cat, then send it off with a fierce warning. Claw its face off! Keep a sharp eye open for danger, but keep the revelation to myself.
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Benji - Age: 29
Price - 164$

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The warrior cats hold a lot of power. The exciting quiz below is designed to help you know which warrior cat you are and unleash your greatest. warrior cats what cat are you. this is how you know your warrior realty-eg.comrclan the bold windclan the fast riverclan the stubborn shadowclan the proud. Are you Firestar or Bluestar? Brambleclaw or Lionblaze? Cinderpelt or Jayfeather? FIND OUT! (As of "The Fourth Apprentice").
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