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Anonymous March 4, at 5: Thank you for understanding! Maryland State Horse - Thoroughbred Horse". Raccoon state wild animal [48]. Chesapeake Bay Retriever state dog [25].
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An ordinance enacted under this subsection shall require the owner of a cat to present evidence that the cat is currently immunized against rabies before a license may be issued. While owners must obtain a certificate of rabies inoculation for both dogs and cats from the veterinarian, only dogs are required to wear tags showing current inoculation.

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Detailed Discussion of State Cat Laws | Animal Legal & Historical Center

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In a county with a population of , or more, the board may:

List of U.S. state mammals

When you've got a state bird, state motto, state flag, and in some cases even a state snack, adding an official dog or cat just seems natural. Listing of all the official state cats for the 50 states, in order by state. California, [ None ]. Colorado Maine, Maine coon cat, State cat, Hmmm any guesses as to what the official state cat in Maine is? Hm, I'd say that the mountain lion should be the state cat of California!!.
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Again, historically cats roamed agricultural areas as a means of pest control.

I. History and Introduction

Hawaiian hoary bat land mammal [12]. White-tailed deer [16] Red fox [17]. Idaho Division of Tourism Development. Overall, state law appears almost reluctant to require licenses for cats. White-tailed deer [33]. They were named the official state cat of Maine in
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White-tailed deer [16] Red fox [17]. I knew some but not others so it's fun to read about! A pet owner must have his pet inoculated against rabies at a frequency to provide continuous protection of the pet from rabies using a vaccine approved by the department and licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture.
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Most states have not adopted specific “cat codes” as they have “dog codes.” Three states, California, Maine, and Rhode Island, appear to be the exception. Do you live in a state that's a haven for felines and their friends, or do you California is sadly in the bottom ten for cat ownership and no-kill. State, Land mammal, Marine mammal, Wildlife mammal/animal, Domestic mammal California grizzly bear () Maine Coon cat (state cat) ().
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