Why do cats get the zoomies

If I can wake him up. Be sure to put the toy away between sessions, so your cat doesn't try to play with it alone and become dangerously entangled. Harry, my Border Terrier, thinks zooming and booming about is wasted energy. He saves his outbursts for tug-of-war, running on the beach, paddle-boarding and surfing. Why Do Cats Get the Zoomies?
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Remember, cats are predators, so when they live indoors and don't have to hunt, that energy can build up and needs to be released. Of course, most fur and blur events are completely normal. This website is not intended to replace professional consultation, diagnosis, or treatment by a licensed veterinarian.

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Why Do Cats Get the Zoomies?

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Do not disregard veterinary advice or delay treatment as a result of accessing information at this site.

the truth about the zoomies: why do dogs and cats go crazy?

If your cat sometimes runs around like crazy, there's probably a simple explanation. See #1 on this list for the most likely cause of cat "zoomies.". In addition to generating loads of hilarious Internet videos and shocking you from a late-night slumber, why do cats and dogs get the “zoomies”. When my cat gets the zoomies, this is my cue to clean the litter box. I don't need to go check the box or smell the lovely aroma wafting through.
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Here are some of the medical conditions that can cause this feline behavior:.

Cat Crazy Time Is the Release of Pent-Up Energy

It's the release of pent-up energy that hasn't been spent on hunting or playing throughout the day. Not all animals act out in this way. The zoomies in cats is more frequently seen in kittens and cats that live in small spaces or that are alone a lot. If your cat suddenly begins zooming away from the litter box, check the contents and see if there is diarrhea, abnormally hard stool, or blood in the stool or urine. For cats, this is how they engage their inner predator. Finally, age-related dementia and cognitive dysfunction syndrome CDS should be considered whenever a senior pet begins bolting or acting abnormally. She also heralds a window-shaking warning to any wicked squirrels or lurking lizards.
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Not all animals act out in this way.
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At our house, Ruby is the Queen of the Zoomies. Several times a day, she races through the house, up and down the cat tree, and up and along. If your adult cat frequently gets the zoomies, it could mean that she needs more interactive playtime with you. Set aside two minute play sessions per day, and . In addition to generating loads of hilarious Internet videos and shocking you from a late-night slumber, why do cats and dogs get the “zoomies”.
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