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Fortunately, understanding how to communicate with your cat is as easy as learning to read cat body language and translate those adorable cat body language guide to words. In theory, of course, in reality cats will do as they please. In various ways, though, your cat body language guide talks to you all the time. Cat body language Cats are subtle and complicated in the way they communicate, but taking time to learn their body language can help to strengthen the relationship with your cat. Common cat body language A cat approaching you with its tail up pointing at the top is greeting you, often seen when they are coming home or when they want your attention. The velvety, vibrating sound of the purr is one of the best sounds you can hear from your furball! Their eyes will be open with pupils narrowed.
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However, if combined with defensive or aggressive gestures or sounds, big, wide pupils can mean your cat is scared. Their pupils may be narrowed, although some cats might have round, unblinking eyes. It can be difficult for us to pick up on the subtle cues that indicate when our cats are feeling upset or anxious.

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5 Keys to Understanding Cat Body Language

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It means that your kitty is terrified of something, or, if accompanied by hissing, preparing to attack. Not sure about food puzzles? Cats communicate with their whole body more on that below , but one body part, in particular, tells it all.

5 Keys to Decoding Your Cat’s Body Language

Understanding your cat doesn't have to be hard. Learn to read cat body language and interpret meows, and finally find out what your cat is. Cat body language; Cat body language; Common cat body language; Cat body language - visual guide; Signs of distress; Cat stress - visual guide. One of the primary ways cats communicate is through body language. For example, the position of a cat's tail can indicate whether she's interested or fearful of.
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When an angry, scared or frustrated cat feels reassured that the perceived threat has gone, they will likely start to act relieved.


Unlike dogs, whose tail wagging simply means joy, when it comes to cat tail language, the matters are much more complex. Watch this great video guide on cat body language from our friends at Cats Protection, presented by their Cats Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow. An actively frustrated cat usually focuses intently on their object of frustration, and will try everything they can do to get what they want! If you see this distinctive cat tail sign, make sure to offer some reassurance. When a cat is content, she will typically hold her tail out loosely behind her. Of course, if you have a healthy, content kitty, this might just be their way to play on your heartstrings. Find or call a vet Need to register your pet with a veterinary practice or call a vet for emergency advice?
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Soundless meowing A meow so silent you barely hear can sometimes be a sign of exhaustion or hunger and dehydration.
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Is your cat trying to tell you something? Check out our guide to cat body language for tips on deciphering your cat's state of mind. Trainer Mikkel Becker explains how to expertly read your cat's body language by looking at her tail, ears, eyes, muzzle and body posture. Understanding your cat doesn't have to be hard. Learn to read cat body language and interpret meows, and finally find out what your cat is.
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