Cat losing fur on legs

The only way I know how to take care of this is to take one of them to the vet and have them look at it. No other symptoms just the shaved looking patches. Sometimes we go days without seeing him. They beginning to loose hair under their belly and back legs. Loss of cat losing fur on legs on belly and inside of back legs by: This can become compulsive if the grooming behaviour is performed out of context and so frequently that it disrupts normal activity.
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Karin My cat was experiencing the same problem. Most likely flea infestation, flea allergy dermatitis or behavioural problems stress related usually are the cause of this presentation usually. She was pregnant and after having her four adorable kittens lost all of her hair on her belly and inside of back legs.

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Itching and Hair Loss in Cats | Feline Skin Conditions TexVetPets

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The vet gave her a steroid shot which didn't help so I bought some hydrocortisone spray for cats which she promptly licked off. She is not ichy at all just has even on both the outsides of her legs, about a hands worth of hair that looks shaved.

Itching and Hair Loss in Cats

Yikes are you noticing some bald patches on your cat? The itch soon turned into thinning hair on her belly, at the base of her tail and on her hind legs. The good news for cat parents is that this hair loss in cats usually. My 13yo cat's 4 legs are basically bald on the back. He seems healthy otherwise, if a bit skinny. Fur on the rest of body nice and shiny. He's not ve. There are several reasons that may cause your cat to suffer from hair loss on its back legs. The ASPCA recommends bringing your cat to the.
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Yes, different fur color can arise later in life an change, it is not uncommon and considered normal in most cases.

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Check for fleas with a flea comb. This is flea feces, consisting of digested, dried blood. Could over-grooming be a sign of illness? She's a black cat btw, 9months old. Atopy allergy to dust, pollen, weeds, mold, grass, etc. These two symptoms could be due to two separate things. She is a relief veterinarian and is enthusiastic about educating clients and staff members.
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All about cats Getting a cat Caring for your cat Cat behaviour Cat health. There are a variety of treatment options available if your cat has atopic dermatitis.
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Skin problems can have a variety of causes, sometimes more than one. It is important to have the problem checked by your vet to determine if there is a medical. There are several reasons that may cause your cat to suffer from hair loss on its back legs. The ASPCA recommends bringing your cat to the. 3 days ago Any number of reasons may explain why your cat is losing fur or showing bald spots on its hind legs. For instance, hair loss could be due to an.
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