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Hi Marcie, I hope her situation has improved? He seems very aware of his physical surroundings and limitations, compensates well, and plays with my other two. I actually came to the ch in cats for the first time today looking for information about geriatric CH ch in cats. I am 62 and retired so I have plenty of time. Check out more suggestions on our FAQ page. I miss her, she was a rescue from the life a homeless cat, she was born under a neighbors porch, she was with us for over 12 years. He is also highly allergic to flea treatments like Frontline.
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And that night she was beside herself.. Wesley the Wobbly Kitten https:

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About CH Cats | Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats

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My cat Tye is right around 9 years old. The past few days though she has urinated everywhere else in the house..

About CH Cats

Most of us here have gotten our CH kitties as they were about to be euthanized. These cats need to be given a chance for a full and happy life. With a little. Cats with mild CH can get around fairly well. They may have a funny walk, trip over themselves some, have mild head tremors, and have some difficulty jumping . CH cats may also experience head tremors, the uncontrollable shaking of the cat's head when she's trying to focus. Again, some cats may experience mild cases.
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The disease does not get better or worse with age, but the cat or dog can usually learn to somewhat compensate for it and should have a normal lifespan.

Cats and Kittens with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia

At the time they were living as outdoor kittens amoung other strays at a barn. He was screaming his head off. He is solid gray. My cat Tye is right around 9 years old. They ran our clinic and lovrd every minute of it. I was always so worried about him when he was a baby, but it is such a relief to know how happy of a kitten he truly is. We bring him upstairs but he piddles in every bed he sleeps in.
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If only everyone was like you. We found a kitty that looked a little different named Tucker after just a few seconds of petting the little guy we were in love even though we knew something was different about the little guy. He is very playful and active and has a lovely sweet nature.
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A cat with CH often falls down and has trouble walking or cannot seem to walk at all. CH in cats is non-progressive, meaning it does not get worse with age. Most of us here have gotten our CH kitties as they were about to be euthanized. These cats need to be given a chance for a full and happy life. With a little. Cerebellar hypoplasia occurs when parts of the cerebellum - a large portion of the brain's matter - are not completely developed. This can occur due to intrinsic.
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