Symptoms of feline hyperthyroidism

A single injection of radioactive iodine is curative in around 95 per cent of all hyperthyroid cats, but following treatment occasional blood tests are recommended to ensure normal thyroid hormone levels are being maintained. A technetium scan involves injecting a very small dose of a radioactive chemical technetium into the cat's vein. Hyperthyroidism overactive thyroid glands is a very common disorder of older cats. Skip to main content. The most common symptoms are weight loss despite a desire to eat more than normal, and restlessness. Blood pressure should also be checked where possible with hyperthyroid cats, and an electrocardiogram ECG — electrical symptoms of feline hyperthyroidism of heart activityand symptoms of feline hyperthyroidism chest X-ray or ultrasound may be helpful where heart disease is suspected.
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If hypertension is diagnosed along with hyperthyroidism, drugs will be needed to control the blood pressure. The 'classic' signs of hyperthyroidism are:

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Feline Hyperthyroidism in Cats

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Fortunately, the vast majority of cats that develop hyperthyroidism can be treated very successfully and most cats will make a complete recovery.


There are four treatment options for feline hyperthyroidism: medication, radioactive iodine therapy, surgery, and dietary therapy. Each treatment option has its. Successfully treated cats, irrespective of what treatment is used, will usually have complete reversal of all the signs of hyperthyroidism. A feline hyperthyroidism diagnosis can be overwhelming. Here are a few things to know about hyperthyroidism in cats and how to manage it.
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Radioactive iodine therapy is given with a simple injection under the skin and then absorbed by the abnormal thyroid tissue. All about cats Getting a cat Caring for your cat Cat behaviour Cat health. Zoonoses Cats and babies Cats and pregnancy cat health A to Z of conditions and treatments Life stages Keeping your cat healthy cat behaviour Cat behaviour described Problem behaviour Urine spraying Soiling indoors Scratching indoors Aggression between cats Aggression to humans Over-grooming Pica in cats Feline bereavement Anxious cats Stressed cats Problem behaviour Understanding your cat Why do cats?

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A new option that has more recently become available for managing hyperthyroid cats is to feed them on a special diet that has strictly controlled levels of iodine. Diagnosis Although the thyroid glands usually enlarge with hyperthyroidism, this is not usually visible. Surgical removal of the affected tissues thyroidectomy can produce a permanent cure and is a common treatment for many hyperthyroid cats. Over a long period, the overproduction of thyroid hormone can have a negative impact on the heart, kidneys, and other organs. This cat is showing weight loss and poor coat — typical signs of hyperthyroidism. Chemistry tests to evaluate kidney, liver, and pancreatic function, as well as sugar levels A complete blood count to rule out blood-related conditions Electrolyte tests to ensure your cat is neither dehydrated nor suffering from an electrolyte imbalance One or more thyroid tests, which determines if the thyroid gland is producing too much thyroid hormone A urinalysis to rule out urinary tract infection and to evaluate the ability of the kidneys to concentrate urine Additional tests may be added on an individual basis.
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Technetium scan of a cat showing bilateral hyperthyroidism.
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Successfully treated cats, irrespective of what treatment is used, will usually have complete reversal of all the signs of hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism means that too much hormone is being produced by your cat's thyroid glands; Symptoms can include an increase in appetite. WebMD discusses causes, symptoms, and treatments of cat hyperthyroidism.
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