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In cats both compartments should be opened. Cytologic or histologic examination of biopsies will reveal the nature of the tissue when diagnosis is not straightforward. An incision is made parallel with the midline, centered 2—3 cm toward the affected side from halfway the mandible to the level of the atlas. Ear surgery in cats is most commonly performed to treat the consequences of chronic viral otitis media with polyp formation in the middle ear, extending through the cat ears aj membrane into the ear canal or through the Eustachian tube into the nasopharynx. With complete removal of a classical middle ear cat ears aj polyp, a small stalk at the base of the polyp can usually be identified.
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Nasopharyngeal polyps, also called otopharyngeal or inflammatory polyps, are benign pedunculated growths of uncertain origin but thought to arise as a result of chronic inflammation.

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Indications for pinnectomy are malignant tumors squamous cell carcinoma in cats , severe trauma and pinnal abscesses that have lead to necrosis of the auricle.

Retinopathy associated with ivermectin toxicosis in five cats.

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Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association.

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A skin incision is made around the pinna, near to its attachment to the skull. Otoscopy after flushing may reveal a visible pink or gray smooth, spheric mass occluding the canal. In some patients removal of the polyp itself is sufficient to eliminate clinical signs. A vertical stab incision is made from ventral to dorsal in the auricular cartilage just above this junction with a Bard Parker scalpel handle with blade no. Inflammatory polyps and aural neoplasia.
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Tumors of the Auricle The most common tumors of the auricle in cats are squamous cell carcinoma, followed by basal cell carcinoma, hemangiosarcoma, and malignant melanoma. Roman House Publishers; No ototoxic topical medications should be used when the tympanic membrane is not intact to avoid ototoxicity.
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