Feral cat laws by state

A further problem is the relatively limited degree of control exercised by the defendant in Baker. Rather, the cases look closely at evidence of ownership to determine whether the keeper or caretaker should be subject to liability. The information here is intended to be a generic guideline feral cat laws by state possible issues facing feral colony caretakers within the United States. Therefore, a notice requirement like that suggested by the Baker court would have to be drafted carefully to avoid creating a significant burden on potential feral cat caretakers. If they find fault, the charges could entail: Concern for animal welfare feral cat laws by state typically the driving force behind feral cat legislation, but it is important that animal welfare advocates adequately address the concerns of property owners who may be adversely affected by feral cat colonies. 2006 arctic cat 650 it may be true that you are the reason they are thriving, feral cats are survivors on their own.
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The court was persuaded by recent evidence that debunks the myth that not feeding a colony will cause it to go away.

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Feral Cat Legal Issues | Animal Legal & Historical Center

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Cox , A. Unless the cat has vicious tendencies that are known to the owner, a court is likely to find a duty only if the damages caused by the cat were reasonably foreseeable. Local laws, on the other hand, vary significantly from town to town, and some of those laws may even go so far as to expose unwitting caretakers to civil or criminal liability.

Feral Cat Legal Issues

State laws that address “feral” cats. Nebraska. New York. Rhode Island. Texas. Utah. Vermont. Virginia. California. Connecticut. Delaware. Illinois. Indiana. Most laws and ordinances pertaining to companion animals were not written with feral cats in mind. In fact, many states and localities do not have specific cat. Feral cat laws can be very confusing and convoluted, especially considering there are no federal laws regarding Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Only 13 states and.
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In fact, the court noted that Indy Feral's website, offered as an exhibit by the defendant, states that feral cats will become an even greater nuisance if they are not fed on a regular basis, since this will require to the cats to forage for food.

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The Tennessee Court of Appeals recently held that a cat's owner did not owe a duty to prevent her cat from trespassing on her neighbor's property. Don't Feed the Animals: If they find fault, the charges could entail: Cases are scarce, and the cases that do exist are unpublished and highly fact-specific. Feral cats do not fit neatly within the common law categories of animal ownership.
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Thus, because the defendant was participating in a TNR program, the county ordinance could not serve as a basis for finding that the defendant was negligent in caring for the feral cats. Regardless of who complains, Animal Control has to investigate, and their findings often depend on their own feelings about TNR and feral cats. Educate them to the benefits of TNR:
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Some feline experts now estimate 70 million feral cats live in the United States, the consequence of little effort to control the population and of. State laws that address “feral” cats. Nebraska. New York. Rhode Island. Texas. Utah. Vermont. Virginia. California. Connecticut. Delaware. Illinois. Indiana. What does it mean to “own” a feral cat? Generally, the state laws that do address these issues do.
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