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Make sure you have carefully considered the decision to keep a cat, however. Ralston returned to his apartment with the cat, who settled in right away, found a stray cat around and looking out the window. Microchipping your cat gives you the found a stray cat chance of getting them back if they go missing. You should be able to pay for any veterinary treatments they need, as well as for their food and wellbeing, and you should get them microchipped to prevent them becoming lost again. Feral, stray or owned cat? Sadly, Roberta did not have a microchip or collar, so the Ralstons had to resort to less tech-savvy means of locating her owner.
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If there are no easy and visible signs of identification or if no family comes forward to claim them, then you will need to take the stray cat to a local veterinary clinic or to another organisation, such as the nearest Cats Protection branch.

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Once the cat is given a clean bill of health, you can start preparing your home for your new pet!

I adopted a stray cat. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for

Do not assume, then, that the cat you have found is a stray. If they look healthy and well groomed, it is likely they belong to some family. Here are a few steps you. It's three months since the ginger cat first walked into our lives, sauntering down And its behaviour suggested it was wild, or a stray at least. You're likely to come across a stray cat on your travels, although it might be tricky to find out whether it is a stray cat, a feral or is in fact an owned cat with a sense.
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Look at bulletin boards for lost cats and see if any of the descriptions match the cat you have found.

What do I do if I've found a cat?

Order by newest oldest recommendations. General advice How to play with your cat Kittens and cats need to play so it is important that you provide an appropriate outlet for play either by What should I do? This will only encourage them to keep coming back and they may have owners feeding them too or have special dietary requirements due to health issues. If you find the cat's owner please remember to inform those who are still looking and take down any found posters. They may want to take less exercise, they may start to put on weight
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The vet can then try to find an owner, or may have an arrangement with a local rehoming centre that can take the cat in after treatment.
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It's three months since the ginger cat first walked into our lives, sauntering down And its behaviour suggested it was wild, or a stray at least. If you plan to keep the animal in the event no owner is found, notify animal control that Even so, the person finding the stray dog or cat does not automatically. We've all come across a stray cat or dog and wondered what we should do. Read on for our tips on figuring out how to take care of a stray dog or cat.
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