Is my cat going blind

Because the visual signals pass through the optic nerves to the brain and are processed within the brain, if there are diseases affecting the brain such as infections, inflammatory conditions or tumours this can potentially lead to blindness. This is a condition where the optic nerves the nerves that carries the visual information to the brain become inflamed and as a result no longer function, causing blindness. Adding a new cat Where to get your cat Choosing a kitten Choosing an adult cat Preparing for your new cat Helping your cat settle in What about a pedigree? Measurement of blood pressure - as hypertension cat pumpkin designs one of the common causes of blindness, your vet will want to measure your cat's blood is my cat going blind. These include trauma, neurological problems, and high blood pressure. The elevated blood pressure causes damage to the blood vessels is my cat going blind the retina resulting in bleeding or fluid seepage.
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In some cases the underlying cause of the blindness will be reversible and normal vision may return. Optic neuritis or inflammation of the optic nerve is relatively uncommon in cats but does occur and is associated with viral infections feline infectious peritonitis , protozoal infections toxoplasmosis , and fungal infections cryptococcosis.

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They compensate remarkably well by using their senses of hearing, smell and touch using their whiskers to prevent bumping into objects. For example, chronic kidney disease kidney failure is a common cause of high blood pressure in cats.

Sudden Onset Blindness in Cats

If you can catch incipient blindness early, your cat can receive treatment that can completely or partially save its sight. If your cat does go blind, you'll want to be. Sudden onset blindness in cats can be a very worrying and confusing disease. that the cat has become blind and it may only be when your cat is examined by a objects in the house or garden or become withdrawn and only go where they. The most frequently diagnosed feline eye disorder is conjunctivitis, an but it's important to look for signs of trouble and ensure your cat gets regular check-ups. "We see cats that are either blind or going blind several times a week," says.
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Cats that go blind suddenly rather than gradually might disorientated and distressed. Recovering from cat operations. However, it is not intended to be used as a substitute for going to the vet.

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Hypertension is an important disease in cats and one of the most common causes of acute onset blindness. You might even want to take them out with a lead attached to their collar or harness, which many cats take to very well. How we're helping cats Our campaigns Our welfare projects Guidance for cat professionals Improving veterinary care. How you can support us Make a donation Our fundraising promise Leave a legacy Corporate giving. Diagnosis Your vet will first want to confirm or establish that blindness is the cause of your cats clinical signs. Blind cats rely on scent and memory to find their way around, so keep their food, your furniture and their litter trays in the same place as usual. Some of the causes of sudden onset blindness include:
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However, sudden loss of sight is obviously initially very distressing for a cat. This may in turn cause the retina the layer of light-sensitive cells that line the back of they eye and enable us to see to become detached. Naturally, it necessitates a change in life experience, but it should not be considered a reason to put the cat down.
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Most cats adapt very well to blindness and go on to enjoy a good quality of If you are worried about any problems with your cat's eyes, please. Sudden onset blindness in cats can be a very worrying and confusing disease. that the cat has become blind and it may only be when your cat is examined by a objects in the house or garden or become withdrawn and only go where they. Going blind will not necessarily detract much from your cat's quality of life. Learn the symptoms of blindness and what you can do about it.
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