Cat acting strange after being outside

Ironically I was just talking to my tenant and a similar thing happened with one of his cats this morning, who is now hiding in his basement. She was a part feral cat that was born in our yard last summer and became cat acting strange after being outside, I was able get her to trust me and was able to bring her and her three kittens inside almost 8 weeks ago. Last night, about 12 hours ago, one of our indoor cats escaped. Separation anxiety cat acting strange after being outside depression are among the leading causes of inappetence in cats. Click here to add your own comments Return to Cat Questions. Your vet will advise you about the prevalence of diseases in your area for which other cats can be a vector.
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We found him the next morning, hiding behind a bush against the house, acting very angry, and growling at us. This meant being in a locked room in a locked cage, with myself as her only contact. If your cat has any abrasions or other wounds, your vet will clean the wounds and probably give an antibiotic; cat claws are really dirty and full of nastiness, and cat wounds are prone to abscess, so even a very minor scratch can turn ugly quickly.

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Cat Acting Strangely? Here's What It Could Mean | TheCatSite

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Get their recommendations over the phone before you go in - I have had vets tell me all kinds of different things, some insufficient and some overly dire, in a similar situation. This was a stray kitten when we first adopted her.

Cat acting strangely after getting outside

My indoor Cat is acting strange after being outside. I have an indoor female cat and she recently escaped for about minutes. And when we opened the . Is your cat acting weird or strange? A sick cat tends to have more of illnesses than dogs. Learn some of the less obvious warning signs that your cat may be sick. Find out what to do if your cat's behavior changes and why it may be But if a cat that has normally not been aggressive suddenly starts acting in the household or visible outside, negative encounters with people, A veterinary visit may be in order if your cat does not return to a normal playful cat after a.
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Recently we got a dog door so she, our other cat, and our dog could go outside. Outdoor-Access Cats Cats are territorial.

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We finally managed to lure him back inside the house by dropping a trail of his favorite treat, pieces of Kraft singles. These behaviors are a reflection of a fearful temperament, not a lack of tameness. My cat needs help: As a result, they can develop a variety of physical and emotional problems. Our cat Eli fell out of a first floor window two years and spent his first night outside ever. Other symptoms include sleeping under the bed, excessive spraying, scratching, sweaty feet, and displacement activities. They fought and chased to several locations while we shouted for them to stop and eventually the ended up in the bathroom, screeching and clawing more intensely than we've ever seen.
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Unexplained weight gain or loss should always be promptly evaluated by a veterinarian.
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Basically, a change in your cat's behavior can be due to one of three things -. A natural .. "Why is my cat acting strange after being outside?". When an indoor-only cat escapes outdoors, it is “displaced” into unfamiliar territory. This behavior typically is observed either within the first two days (after the cat has Cat – Xenophobia means “fear or hatred of things strange or foreign. Now that she is back inside, she is acting all strange around our other cat and us. She usually Our other cat is fine after being outside, by the way. Currently.
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